Torey's Distraction

TOREY’S DISTRACTION tells the story of three children with Apert Syndrome - a rare genetic condition that causes craniofacial anomalies and skeletal mutation.

Torey Harrah, Emily Hogan, and Saige Blotske were born with fused skulls, fingers, and toes. Without surgery they risk lifelong brain damage and possibly death.

Filmed with love and humor over ten years, filmmaker Tisha Blood provides an intimate glimpse into the transforming powers of science, family, hope and compassion.

The mission of TOREY’S DISTRACTION FUND is to help children with craniofacial anomalies attain the best medical care possible by helping to pay for travel expenses for surgeries and medical consultations, help fund medical research, and share the story of Torey’s Distraction with a larger audience. Your tax-deductible donation will directly impact the children in TOREY’S DISTRACTION, as well as the lives of future Apert children.

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